Team Administration

Each team on Glip can have one or more admins that are responsible for managing the team. Team admins can:

  • Delete any post in the team
  • Add people to the team
  • Remove people from the team
  • Edit the team’s details, including the name and privacy settings
  • Add the team to folder or remove it from a folder
  • Delete, archive or duplicate the team

The capabilities are no longer available to anyone in the team but its admins.

Team admins can also place limitations on what other members of the team can do. They can prevent other members from:

  • Adding people to the team
  • Posting to the team (i.e., make the team read-only for non-admins)
  • Pinning items to the team’s shelf
  • Adding integrations to the team

By default, the person that created the team is the admin. Any other member of the team, with the exception of guests, may also be made an admin. To see who the team’s admins are, click on the gear menu at the top of the team’s conversation stream and select “Team Members” (or “Manage Members” if you’re an admin).

Admins may use the gear menu display at the right side of each row to add/remove admin rights for any member.

NOTE: Teams created before the introduction of the team admin role on July 17, 2017 do not have admins. Any member of the team (except guests) may make themselves an admin via the Members page depicted above. Once the team has an admin, only that person can make other members admins as well.

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