Data Retention Policies

What are Data Retention Policies?

Data retention policies allow you to determine how long your company's message history is retained on Glip. By default, all messages and content is kept forever, but for compliance reasons you may need to have messages automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

Who can access Data Retention Policies?

Data retention policies are available to companies on the Glip Standard plan, as well as RingCentral Office or AT&T Office@Hand customers. Only your company's Glip administrators may adjust the data retention policy (via the Administration page).

How do Data Retention Policies work?

A company administrator can set the retention policy to any number of days, although there are preset options for 30, 60 and 90 days. Once a policy is set, on a nightly basis all content older than the specified number of days will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: This action is permanent and can not be undone. 

Note that when you set a policy, or if you change the policy, this will not affect existing posts. Only new posts created after the policy was set/changed will be impacted.

All content, including both regular chat messages and items such as files, tasks, notes and events, are deleted. With repeating events, if the original event in the series falls out of the retention window and gets deleted, the entire series will be deleted.

When a post is shared to another conversation it is still covered by the policy of the original conversation. This might be relevant, for example, when you share a post from a team owned by your company, which has a retention policy set, to a team owned by a company that doesn't have a retention policy (or has a different policy).

When a post is moved from one conversation to another, it is then subject to the policy of the destination conversation,

Data Retention Polices for HIPAA Companies

If you're company is either a RingCentral Office or AT&T Office@Hand customer, and is subject to HIPAA compliance, your data retention policy is automatically set to 30 days and can not be changed.


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