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Watch this short video about working with events and managing team calendars on Glip, and then read on below!

The Calendar app shows all events across all of your conversations in a traditional calendar view. Within each conversation stream you can see upcoming events in the right pane, but the Calendar app lets you view your entire schedule.

Click on any event or task on the calendar and its Details view will slide in over the right pane (as depicted above). You can view all of the event or task's details here, see its history, and add replies.

The drop-down lists at the top of the page allow you to:

  • View all events, just events that you posted, events posted by a selected person, or events from a specific team/team folder.
  • Display the calendar in day, week or month view.
  • Show tasks with due dates on the calendar.

Under the gear menu are options to show or hide weekend days, and to change the start day of the week from Sunday to Monday.

Note that events posted to a team or group are displayed in that team or group's color, if one was specified. Click on the gear button in the heading of a team to set its color.

Add an event to the calendar by clicking on the New Event button at the top of the page, or click anywhere on the calendar itself. You can also click while pressing the Command key (or Alt key on Windows) to create a new task with a due date on the given day.

The form for creating an event here is identical to that when posting from a conversation stream. Click on the "more" link to specify a location and description for the event.

Unless you have the calendar filtered to show just events from a specific team, you'll notice that the green button just says "Post Event" and doesn't refer to a specific team. When you go to post the event, you'll be asked to select the conversation to which it should be posted. Note that one of your options is the "Me" conversation, which allows you to post events that can't be seen by anyone else. 

You can drag events around the calendar to change their dates, and for multi-day events you can drag the event’s border to increase or decrease its duration.

TIP: You can have events from your Glip calendar, as well as any tasks with due dates, appear in your calendar application of choice (e.g., Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.) by subscribing to your Glip’s calendar feed. Click on Integrations in the left pane, then on Calendar, and then look for the URL for your calendar feed. Click here for further instructions on adding the feed to your calendar application.

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    I'm concerned that I won't be able to SYNC with Google Calendar.... If I want to schedule a meeting with a co-worker, I won't be able to see their schedule to know time options. How do you suggest we handle this? Use two calendars - one for Glip, and Google calendar for in-real-life appointments?

    Also, can we import a google calender into Glip, if we choose to use Glip as our main calendering tool?

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    David Hersh

    Jessica - The sync is currently one-way, which means your Glip events can be displayed in Google Calendar, but not the other way around.

    When you go to schedule an event in Glip, the date-picker window will show you other events scheduled for a given day. This should cut down the possibility of double-booking someone, but obviously the Glip calendar isn't aware of "busy" time that might be associated with events that you aren't aware of (or aren't even on Glip).

    That said, we find that event scheduling on Glip is a bit more of an iterative process. Throw out an event for 2pm on Thursday and people will chime in with "I'm busy then" or "Can we push that to 3pm?". Then you simply adjust the event as needed. Because this all happens right in the conversation stream on Glip, its a very natural and easy process, unlike jumping back and forth between your calendar app and a multi-person thread in your email program.

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    Helge Hannisdal

    Is it possible to edit / remove a single event in a recurring meeting?

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    Sven Willrich

    I've tried to add my Grip Calendar to Google Calendar as external source (how it is described), but it does not work. It has been appeared the error message "The URL could not be fetched" (in german "Die URL konnte nicht abgerufen werden").

    What could be the reason for that behavior?

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    Marnick Menting

    The calendar function is big advantage of Glip over other applications like Slack, for me. But it would be totally great if RSVP or Attendee functionality would be added.

  • Avatar

    I love that Glip syncs tasks onto my Google Calendar but is there any way to have it utilize the task function on GCal? Ideally, I'd love the "events" that are create on my GCal to have the checkbox on GCal so that I can check it off from either end (Glip or GCal).

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    David Hersh

    Not at the moment Jordan, but we are looking at deeper integrations with both Google and Outlook later in the year so it may be a possibility at that point.

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    Garret Koehler

    Hey Glip - we switched our company over to Glip from Slack last week. Big change for us. So far it's been ok, but everyone is complaining about there not being on option to view a whole month on the mobile calendar view. Is it possible to view your calendar in grid view or at least more than a week in list view on mobile?

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    Is there anyway to hide completed tasks in the Calendar view? Especially painful on the mobile app to have to scroll through everything already completed. Maybe I missed something? Thanks

  • Avatar
    Max Butler

    Is there a way to bulk share a group of events. Our facility administrator added a full calendars worth of events but didn't share with the whole staff. Can we change all of the in bulk or do we have to edit each one individually? Also is there any hope of a list view or agenda view?

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