Getting Started

4 easy steps to better team productivity

1. Get your team to try Glip for a day.

The real “aha” moment of using Glip often comes when people are using it at the same time. Much like a see-saw, Glip is a lot more fun with a group than alone.

Gather your team in a conference room and lay out your plan: pick a day and declare “Email Independence Day” (substitute Skype or IM as appropriate). For 24 hours, institute a $1 fine for anyone caught sending an email, or $2 if they’re a manager.

By the end of the day, your team will have accomplished more than you thought possible, and you’ll realize how much your existing tools have been slowing you down.

2. Convince your team with three simple reasons.

  • With built-in calendaring, task management, and file sharing, you’ll save time by not having to switch from one application to another to get your work done. The same conversation stream conveys the assignments, the work product, the feedback and the decisions in a simple, streamlined interface.
  • Setting up new projects is a breeze, and you’ll start tracking all the things you know you should be tracking. No more post-it notes, or “my INBOX is my to-do list.” With Glip it’s so easy to set up a new project, you’ll actually do it.
  • Searching is much more powerful when you can find everything in one place, and it’s all connected. Because all of your work lives in a conversation stream, you’ll not only find what you’re looking for, you’ll see the discussion around it, and remember why you picked that shade of green for your logo.

3. Get Glip into your existing workflow.

Chances are Glip will be used to replace some of your existing tools which don’t work very well together, and probably still rely on email to let you know that something has changed. Since Glip works in a familiar way, you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • If you use Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts, Glip has built-in video chat for up to 100 participants with awesome quality and reliability.
  • If you use IM, Gtalk or Campfire, Glip’s chat is fully integrated with your projects, files, tasks, events, links and more.
  • If you use Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, you can just keep using them, as Glip works well with those services.
  • If people on your team use email -- and chances are they do -- Glip automatically sends an email to anyone you message on Glip, and they can just reply via email. So you can Glip in bliss while they’re still stuck in the 80s.
  • If you use CRM, bug-tracking, time-tracking or anything else, check out our Integrations page to see how to get them working inside Glip.

Best of all, when you make the switch to Glip, you don’t need to manage your projects across five or six different tools. It’s so easy, you’ll actually start tracking and managing things the way you should, and you’ll feel more organized and on top of things.

4. Work at your desk, or on the go with Glip Mobile.

Download the Glip Mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play. On Glip Mobile you get all of the power of the desktop application in the palm of your hand, including being able to start a video chat, assign a task, schedule an event, and share a photo or a document with any person or team. And because you get real-time notifications of the work that’s happening in your team, you’ll stay connected and productive no matter where you are.

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  • Avatar
    Constance Lippert

    Can you provide a link to the app for the desktop? I would like to communicate with my team members and know when a conversation is happening

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Constance - Click on your company's name (or the Glip logo) at the top of the left lane and then look for the Desktop Apps link.

  • Avatar
    Dick Van Gelder
  • Avatar
    lokesh garg

    hello can any body help me i'm unable to sign up on glip

  • Avatar
    David Hersh


    This issue is caused by Avast anti-virus software, which you presumably have installed. Use the following instructions to prevent Avast from blocking Glip:

    1. Launch Avast
    2. Click “Settings” on bottom left hand panel
    3. Click "Active Protection" in left hand panel
    4. In main panel, click "Customize" on the "Web Shield" row
    5. Select "Exclusions" on left hand panel
    6. On main panel add "*" (without quotes) to the "URLs to exclude" section. **IMPORTANT!!! Click "OK"
    7. Click "OK" on remaining dialog as well.
    8. Refresh Glip.
  • Avatar
    Stephen Hutton

    David, can you please make it much simpler to download the desktop app? I'm unable to find a download link. This is a needless point of friction.

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Stephen - If you click on your company's name at the top of the left pane you'll find a Desktop Apps link. The one exception is in the old Mac app, which doesn't have that link due to restrictions from Apple. If you're using the old Mac app, please sign into Glip on the web to download the new app.

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