As a chat-based communication platform, Glip is focused on the free-flowing conversation streams. There are occasions, however, where there is value in being able to make an explicit connection to something previously posted on Glip. Especially when that item is no longer part of the active conversation.

In these situations, you can post a message as a direct reply to an item on Glip (i.e., event, task, file, note or link). That reply can be a regular chat message, a file, or even a task. For example, with a task, you could attach a file representing the finished product, ask a follow-up question, or post a status update (“Almost done, I swear!”). 

You can post a reply from the Details view for any item. Select “View Details” from the gear menu in the stream, or click on any item in the right pane of a conversation or in one of the apps. The Details view for the given item slides in over the right pane.

Note that @mentions of the item are included here, as replies and @mentions are essentially the same thing on Glip (i.e., they are part of the item's "thread").

Click on the "+" button at the left side of the compose box to choose what type of reply you want to post.

Replies get posted to the stream just like any other message, but are clearly labeled as replies and reference the original item.

Click on the link in the activty line for the reply (i.e., the "Update product roadmap" links in the two replies depicted above) and it will open the Details view for the item.

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    Fred Carneiro

    How can I reply on a message sent from someone?

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    This is great, it works well on the Desktop app for Tasks and Events (not regular posts).

    Any plans to make it available on your mobile apps? It is frustrating not being able to reply to anything on the phone, not even with the @Mentions...

    Thank you!

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    Kyle Whissel

    Not being able to do replies from mobile is a deal-breaker and is pushing me toward Slack.

    When will this be added?

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    Graham Anderson

    This is all good on the elements that it works on but the really frustrating thing is that without the ability to reply to a normal chat message its just not delivering.

    I love Glip and the RC vision but its been 12 months for us running Glip for the whole business and some of the team are getting restless, they remember those heady days of code snippets and threads in Slack....

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    Graham Anderson

    I understand that the threaded replies feature is not on the Glip roadmap, it’s so important to us that we now include the following in our induction training;

    “Reply to a POST - Problem and the solution - how we should be using Glip!

    We don't have the option to Reply in Glip - but what can we do?

    Quote : One option is to do a Quote - this copies the original text and post details and allows you to add your reply underneath. Its not ideal, because it does not keep the thread of other peoples replies and comments, but it an easy action to complete.

    Where is this useful: If someone asks a Question or makes a Statement and your comment, is (most likely), the single answer required, Quoting the text is a quick and easy way to resolve the conversation.

    New Team : If the subject is likely to create a series of comments and could potentially run for some time, then creating a team is a great way to simulate a threaded conversation. Again, its not ideal because of the number of Teams that could be created, but it does offer a 'stickier' forum for us to follow each others thoughts and to help develop the topic over time.

    Where is this useful : When you are aware that the topic being raised will have interactions and comments from many people, with the topic developing.

    Tip for Teams : You can right click the COG next to an existing Team to Duplicate the members to speed up creating a new team for a new topic. You can also 'archive' teams when they have run their course. Also remember you can Move a comment you have made between conversations, this helps if you ask a question in a public forum but then realise it could be better off in its own Team.”

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