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Watch this short video about working with files on Glip, and then read on below!

Files app shows all files across all of your conversations in a format that is more conducive to browsing.

The drop-down lists at the top of the page provide various options for filtering and sorting the list of files. You can view all files, files that you posted, files posted by a specific person, or files from a specific team/team folder. Files can be sorted by the date they were shared, by filename, or by file type.

Files are displayed in a list by default, but you can also choose to display them in a grid of thumbnail images. The thumbnails can be resized by dragging the slider next to the Thumbnails option in the drop-down.

In either view, when you have "All Files" selected, you'll see a folder for every person that has uploaded a file and for every team in which files have been posted. When you click on a folder you'll see all of the files uploaded by the given person, or to the given team.

You'll notice that the filter in the Show drop-down has changed appropriately based on your selection. Just select on All Files again to return to the top-level folder view.

Click on an image file (i.e., anything in JPG, PNG or GIF format), and the image will be opened in the Interactive Viewer. Click on any other type of file and its Details view will slide in over the right pane (as depicted below). You can view all of the file's details here, see its history, and add replies.

Add a new file by clicking on the Add File button at the top of the page, or drag-and-drop one or more files onto the page. If you drop the files into a folder, the files will be posted to the corresponding conversation. Otherwise, you'll be prompted to select the appropriate destination conversation.

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    Please update this video and post to mention toggling between file versions.

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