The Preferences page, found by clicking on your name in the left pane, allows you to configure your email, mobile and desktop notifications, select sounds to be played for incoming messages, and customize your Glip experience. 

Email & Mobile Notifications

Glip will make sure that you never miss a message by sending you email and/or mobile push notifications when you are either offline or away. Note that your status automatically changes to away after 15 minutes of no activity on Glip, or if you manually set a custom away message via the company menu.

You can configure notifications for the following categories of messages:

  • People - Notify you about messages posted to conversations with one or more specific individuals.
  • Teams - Notify you about messages posted to teams.
  • Mentions - Notify you about messages where you’ve been @mentioned.
  • Video Chats - Notify you about requests to video chat. (mobile only)
  • Glip Today - A daily summary of today's events and tasks. (email only)

Note that the setting for Mentions and Video Chats take precedence over People and Teams. For example, you may have notifications turned off for Teams, but if you have Mentions turns on you’ll still receive notifications when you’re @mentioned in a team.

By default, mobile notifications are on for People conversations, Mentions and Video Chats, but off for Teams. Email notifications, on the other hand, are on by default for Teams, Mentions, and Glip Today, but off for People conversations. Of course, you can adjust these settings however you see fit. Mobile notification options are:

  • Every Message - A notification will be sent for every single message in the conversation.
  • First New Message Only - A notification will be sent for the first new message in the conversation, but we won’t send another until you’ve caught up on the conversation again. This option is a good way to get a heads up that there’s activity in a team, without getting flooded with a notification for every message.
  • Off - No notifications will be sent.

Email notification options are:

  • Every 15 minutes - An email will be sent every 15 minutes, from the time you go offline/away, if there are new messages in the given conversation.
  • Every hour - An email will be sent every hour, from the time you go offline/away, if there are new messages in the given conversation.
  • Off - No emails will be sent.

Glip gives you even more granular control over your notifications by allowing you to override these global settings for individual conversations. For example, you might have email notifications on for Teams here on the Preferences page, but decide to turn them off for some teams that aren’t important to catch up on while offline. Or, maybe you have mobile notifications off for your People conversations, but decide to turn them on for a few specific important people. Look for the gear menu at the top of any conversation to adjust these conversation-specific settings.

Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are great for keeping tabs on Glip activity while you're using another application, or are just on a different browser tab.

You can elect to have notifications shown when:

  • You receive a new message, either for all new messages or just when you’re @mentioned in a conversation.
  • When a contact comes online.
  • When a contact goes offline.

If there are specific conversations for which you don't want to receive desktop notifications, just click on the gear menu at the top of the conversation and uncheck the Desktop Notifications option.

If you're using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, desktop notifications are handled by the browser and can be enabled here on the Account Settings page. If you're using Internet Explorer, you'll need to install Glip's Windows Desktop application in order to receive desktop notifications.

Click on the Enable button and you’ll then be prompted by your web browser to allow Glip to show desktop notifications. Here’s an example of what that prompt looks like with Chrome. 

Note that if you have notifications completely turned off in your web browser, you’ll need to go to your browser’s settings and either allow any site to show desktop notifications, or at least allow sites to ask for permission to show them.

Once you’ve enabled desktop notifications you’ll see a sample notification appear to confirm things.

Note that any time that you access Glip from a new web browser you’ll be prompted to enable desktop notifications for that browser.


Glip gives you very granular control of the sounds that are played for incoming new messages.

  • Default - This is the default sound that is played for all incoming new messages, unless overridden by one of the subsequent settings. 
  • 1-on-1 - Select a sound to be played for new messages in one-on-one conversations.
  • @mention - Select a sound to be played for messages where you are @mentioned.
  • Video Chat - Select a sound to be played for incoming video chat requests.
  • Conversation-Specific - Select a sound to override the default setting for a specific conversation. This might be particularly useful for a team that you use as a destination for an integration. For example, you might want to use a special sound, or even turn off sounds, for messages to the conversation where your JIRA integration posts go. You can also set the sound for a specific conversation by going to its gear menu in the left pane.


Color Themes

Feel the need to express yourself a bit? Then go ahead and choose from one of Glip's color themes.


Customize your Glip experience with the following settings:

  • Left Pane Organization - By default, the left pane organizes conversations into three separate sections. One each for People (i.e., one-on-one conversations), Teams and Groups. You can also choose to have Groups folded into the People section, since they're also conversations with specific people (just more than two). Or, you can have all conversations displayed in a single Messages section.
  • Max Conversations - Set the number of conversations to display in each section of the left pane (i.e., People, Teams, Groups).
  • Team Folders - If a team in which you are a member is added to a folder, that folder will appear in your left pane. You can remove the folder by clicking the gear menu next to its name, but if you know that you never want team folders to appear in your left pane you can indicate so here.
  • Message Display - If you are pressed for real estate on your display, or if you just like a more compact look, switch from the default stream display to "Compact".
  • Posts Order - Specify whether you'd like new posts to appear at the bottom of conversation streams, or at the top.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts - For some people, Glip's keyboard shortcuts may interfere with your ability to type certain characters. If that's the case, you can use this setting to turn off the shortcuts.



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    Stéphanie Lalut

    Is there any way to deactivate all types of email notifications?

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Yep! Just click on your name in the left pane of Glip and go to the Preferences page described in this article.

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    is there a setting so I am automatically logged in to Glip when I log into my computer in the morning?

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