Who can join my company on Glip?

Once you’ve signed up and created your company on Glip, your co-workers can join in two different ways. You, or other co-workers, can explicitly add them. For example, you can go to the People page and enter their email addresses. You can also add someone to Glip by assigning them a task or adding them to a team.

Co-workers can also just go to glip.com and sign up using their work email address. Glip automatically places people in the same company based on the domain of their email address. For example, if you created your company on Glip using an @acme.com email address, anyone else with an acme.com email address will be able to join you. Note that anyone signing up will need to first confirm their email address. Only someone with a confirmed email address on your company’s private domain will be allowed to join.

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    Joakim Lindblad

    So if I am using e-mail provider not-gmail.com, anyone who uses the same e-mail provided is automatically sent to my glip as soon as they head to glip.com!
    Or, e.g., if I create a glip from my_uni.edu, then the whole of my_uni.edu will be routed to me, whether they want it or not! How to turn that feature off?

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    David Hersh

    We only automatically group people if they are using a private domain. If you're using a webmail address, be it gmail, yahoo, or whatever, we don't do this. We also don't automatically group people using edu domains.

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    Joakim Lindblad

    Not easy for you to know what is a mail-provider domain.
    And, I just created a glip for my University in Europe. You guys are global, remember :-)
    Can I change the domain of my glip to something arbitrarily to turn off the auto-add feature?

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