How do I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account, but other people from your company will continue to use Glip, contact one of your company's administrators and they can remove you. Click the People link in the left pane, and then select “Admins” from the Show list at the top of the page to see the list of administrators.

If you would like to remove your entire company from Glip, go to the Administration page (via the menu at the top of the left pane) and then look for the "Remove..." link at the very bottom of the page. Note that if your company has a subscription to one of Glip’s paid plans you’ll to contact customer support to have your company removed.

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    Carol Chin

    I'm a administrator, But I can not find where I can remove the people. Would you please tell me where the function or how to do it exactly? Thank you.

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    David Hersh

    Hi Carol - If you're an admin, then you can go to the People page and click on the gear menu next to the person you want to remove. You'll see an option to deactivate them there.

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    I am the administrator and need to delete a Glip "company" so I can use my email for a different company. There is no "Remove" button as you have described. Please help us.

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    Jose Lourenco

    This is quite confusing... I have joined a company in an attempt to use Glip for a few days and check if it suited my needs. Now I want to quit that company and create my own. I should be able to delete my account!

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    Nik Fedele

    Very annoying. Is Glip going to answer this question or not?

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