Note Viewer

When you click on a note that has been posted to Glip, either from the stream, right pane or the Notes app, it is displayed full-page in Glip's Note Viewer.  

Buttons at the top-left allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Print
  • Edit
  • Like
  • Favorite
  • Share to another conversation
  • Move to another conversation
  • Jump to the spot in the conversation where the note was posted
  • View the note's activity history
  • Delete

If the note is in draft mode, the Like, Favorite, Share and Move options are not available.

The buttons at the top-left vary based on whether you're viewing or composing/editing the note, and whether or not the the note is in draft mode. When viewing an existing note, the buttons allow you to minimize the note, edit it, or close the note viewer.

When composing/editing a note, there are buttons to minimize the note, save draft (if note hasn't already been published), post the note (or save, if the note has already been published), and close the note.

Minimizing a note reduces it to a small thumbnail displayed at the top-right of your Glip page. After you're done checking messages, or doing anything else on Glip, just click on the thumbnail to go back into the Note Viewer. You can even have multiple notes minimized at the same time, either while viewing the notes or editing them.

In-line Replies

As with other content types on Glip, you can reply to notes that have been shared. Watch this short video overview, or read on below.

These replies are attached to specific points in the note, making them much more contextual. You can imagine how this comes in handy when you are providing feedback. You can even upload a file as a reply, or post a task to make sure your requested changes actually get done.

Click on the "+" button to the left of the compose box to reply with a task or a file.

The pins on the note represent previous replies. Just click on a pin to see the replies. If there are any incomplete tasks associated with a given pin, the icon in the pin will be an unchecked task box. When all of the tasks associated with a pin are completed, the icon changes to a checked task box.

As with all messages posted to Glip, the replies appear right in the conversation stream, with a reference to the note itself.

Click on the "Client Brand Guidelines" link and it will open the note in the Note Viewer with the pin corresponding to this reply already selected.

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