The Administration page can be found under the company menu at the top of the left pane, and is only accessible by users that are administrators for your company on Glip. The page is broken into the following sections.


The Administrators section lists all of your company's Glip administrators (admins). By default, the first person at your company to sign up for Glip is an admin. The person who makes the payment when you subscribe to Glip's Standard plan also becomes an admin.

When you mouse over an admin's entry in the list, a gear menu appears at the right with options to remove the person's admin rights or view their profile.

Admins on Glip can:

  • Remove people from your company on Glip, whether its a co-worker or guest. Non-admins can only remove people that have been added, but haven't actually signed up yet.
  • Unlock accounts that have been locked for too many failed login attempts. You'll see a red Unlock button next to entries on the People page that have been locked.
  • See all guests (i.e., people not on your company's private email domain) on the People page, whereas non-admins can only see guests that they are in a conversation with.
  • Delete posts made by other people. Note, though, that admins can't delete posts from conversations in which they aren't a participant.
  • Assign admin privileges to other co-workers.
  • Export company data, although this can be limited to a subset of admins. See Compliance Exports for more information.

Company Settings

This section contains administrative settings that apply to your entire company on Glip. 

  • File Sharing - Controls which services may be used to share file. Glip administrators may select which file sharing options their employees are allowed to use. They can shut them all OFF or only allow employees to use a specific service, such as Dropbox. When specific services are turned OFF, they are no longer available for selection in the various places you can upload files (for example, in the Compose menu, or the Attach Files menu when creating a task, etc.).
  • Allow Giphy Sharing? - Determine whether or not users can share GIFs from Giphy and, if so, what is the maximum rating allowed.
  • Allow off-domain co-workers? - Allows admins to determine whether or not people without an email address on the company's private domain can be added as a co-worker. Obviously only applies to companies with a private domain (i.e., not webmail companies). If a company doesn't allow off-domain co-workers, those people are automatically added as guests.
  • Allow employees to add people to Glip? - Invite controls allow admins to determine whether or not employees can add people (either co-workers or guests) to Glip. If admins don't allow employees to add people, all of the places where you can invite people to Glip are suppressed unless the user is an admin.
  • Allow employees to sign up without being invited? -  Join controls allow admins to indicate that people with an email address on their company’s private domain can no longer sign up and automatically get added to their company on Glip. When they go to sign up, they’ll get a popup that says that their request has been sent to their company’s admins. We send an email to the company’s Glip admins asking them to invite the given person.

Data Retention Policies

By default, all messages and content on Glip is kept forever, but data retention policies allow you to have messages automatically deleted after a certain period of time. See Data Retention Policies for more information.

Compliance Exports

Export your company's data on Glip, for either compliance purposes or just peace of mind. See Compliance Exports for more information.

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  • Avatar
    EJ Mandigo-Kneszewski

    Is it possible to have different staff members on different plans? I'm thinking of a scenario, that actually will eventually be the case in my own company where, there will be many that will not have a need for the video conferencing at all, while others that I could see being heavy users (sales teams) and other teams that would be light users. To be clear of what I'm asking those that would not use video would they be able to remain on for free while the limited teams would be on the basic and the heavy user on the pro plan?
    Lastly how does this work with guest that are needed to be on a video conference? And (sorry) I have been pushing Glip like its crack, to ALL of my clients as a way to stay connected with my staff! I have set many of these up as Co-Workers thinking that I had to do this for them to be able to join teams that we have created for them to join. From what I just read, they can have their own Glip and we can still interact, which I think is fantastic but I'm wondering how this will impact my groups I've set up with them and if we need to video chat I'm guessing it would come off of both companies minutes based on their individual plans? I'm very much looking forward to your reply.

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Hi EJ - At this time, Glip's plans apply to your entire company, so there's no way to have some employees on a paid plan and some on the free plan.

    As far as guests go, you don't need to worry about them having to pay for Glip. Their video minutes count against your total when they're video chatting with you. Obviously, if they want to start using Glip on their own, independent of their role as your guest, then they'll need to get a subscription in order to video chat.

  • Avatar
    Adam Burke

    How do I revoke admin access for a specific user?

  • Avatar
    Joakim Lindblad

    A much needed feature is the option to MOVE posts (to the appropriate team), not just delete them.

  • Avatar
    Nat Lavigne

    Can a Glip admin see conversations that they are not apart of? E.g. A conversation had only two or three employee invited from a regular user, the admin not being one of them. If they're not invited, would the conversion show up for the admin anyways and they can open and view the contents?

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    The only way an admin could see into a conversation in which they were not a participant is via Compliance Exports. They're available to companies on the Glip Pro plan, or to RingCentral/Office@Hand customers. More info here...

  • Avatar
    Sar Castillo

    Is there any way an admin can change the domain name used when we signed up for glip? I'm the admin of our glip account and the domain name we used was changed to a recently added user's gmail address. Not even sure how that happened so I've submitted a request to change it back to the correct domain name, but would love to find out how to do it on my own, just in case.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Power

    Hi, I have changed my profile name to my name and also changed my profile pic using the web version on my laptop but it hasn't updated on the app on my phone. Any thoughts on why that is?

  • Avatar

    I'm not seeing any options to remove 'guests' or coworkers from my admin page. What am I missing?

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Kathleen - You would remove guests and co-workers via the People page. Just click the gear menu next to the name of the person in question.

  • Avatar
    Amy Schulz

    How do I go about showing all tasks for an employee past and present? Is there any type of gaant chart?

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Hi Amy - If you go to the Tasks app ("Tasks" link in the left pane), you can use the "Show" dropdown list at the top of the page to show all tasks assigned to a specific person.

  • Avatar
    Barry Elk

    OK - this is a weird one. We are an agency that invites clients as guests to our GLIP domain. So one of the guests created a group chat (not a team) with a mix of guests and co-workers (our domain co-workers). I asked her to convert it to a TEAM, and that worked. But now she is the Admin and cannot designate anyone on my team as an admin. Nor can we move the team into a TEAM FOLDER. Is this just a weird cross-over that you guys didn't really envision or a bug?

    It is a fairly lengthy thread that I hate to lose.  But I also am not sure I want a discussion about a client project to be at the whim of the client (for example if that specific guest leaves the client organization I loose the history.)


    Edited by Barry Elk
  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    Barry - Yes, I'm afraid so. Since the guest is the one that created the team, her company "owns" the team.

  • Avatar
    Cory Fugate

    Is their a way to clear out the history of a channel? ex. All Employees

  • Avatar
    Jhan Umali

    David, it was great speaking with you at ConnectCentral. I'm trying to disable "Allow off-domain co-workers" in the Administration panel, but I'm still able to connect with an off-domain user. Being able to block off-domain guests may satisfy compliance.

  • Avatar
    David Hersh

    @Jhan - Great to meet you as well! The off-domain setting doesn't control the addition of guests. It prevents co-workers from being added who don't have an email on the company's domain.

    We do have some more admin controls in this area coming later this week. Stay tuned for an announcement.

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