How do I add Glip's calendar feed to my calendar app?

Glip's calendar feed allows you to display all of your events from Glip, as well as (optionally) any tasks with due dates, in your calendar application of choice. To get your calendar feed, go to the Integrations page and click on "Calendar" in the Available Integrations section.

The unique URL associated with your feed will be displayed. You'll need to copy this URL so that you can later paste it into your calendar application. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the link and select "Copy Link Address" (or just "Copy Link" if you're using Safari). Next, follow the instructions below for your calendar app of choice.

Google Calendar

In Google Calendar, look for "Other calendars" in the left pane and select "Add by URL" from the drop-down menu to its right.

The "Add by URL" form will be displayed where you can paste the URL for your Glip calendar feed in the URL field.

Click on the Add Calendar button and your Glip events will be added to Google Calendar. Note that Google appears refresh calendar subscriptions just once per day, so events that are added to your calendar on Glip may not appear in Google right away.


In iCal, select "New Calendar Subscription" from the File menu and then paste the URL for your Glip calendar feed into the Calendar URL field.

Click on the Subscribe button and you'll be presented with another form for adjusting the settings of this subscription. In addition to changing the name and color used to display this subscription, you can also specify how often iCal will check for updates. Select "Every 5 minutes" in the Auto-refresh field to check for updates as frequently as possible.

Click on the OK button and your Glip events will be added to iCal.


Note that these instructions apply to Outlook for Windows. At this time you are not able to add calendar subscriptions to Outlook for Mac.

In Outlook, click the Home tab on the Ribbon and under Manage Calendars click on Open Calendar > From Internet. 

Paste the URL for your Glip calendar feed into the form.

After clicking OK, you will be asked to confirm the subscription.

Click on the Yes button and your Glip events will be added to Outlook. 

Office 365

In the Office 365 calendar, right-click on the My Calendars heading in the left pane and then select "Open calendar" from the menu that appears.

Paste the URL for your Glip calendar feed into the "Internet calendar" field and then click Open.


On your iPhone, go to the Settings app and tap on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". In the Accounts section of that page, tap on "Add Account" and then tap on "Other" from the list of options presented.

In the Calendars section of the subsequent page, tap on "Add Subscribed Calendar". On the Subscription page, paste the URL for your Glip calendar feed into the Server field. To make this easy, you could email the URL to yourself and then open that email on your phone so that you can then copy the URL. You could also send yourself a text message via email to do the same thing.

Tap on Next at the top-right and you'll be brought to a page that summarizes the settings for the subscription.

Feel free to change the description of the calendar which will be used to identify it in the Calendar app, otherwise just tap on Save at the top-right and your Glip events will be added to the calendar.


The first step in adding your Glip calendar feed to your Android device is to add it to your Google Calendar using the instructions above. Now go into your device's Calendar app and select "Manage calendars". As long as the Google account assigned to your Android device is the one where you added the calendar feed, you should see your Glip calendar in the list. Just make sure it's set to "On".

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    Is there a way to ONLY have my glip calendar feed rather than the whole companies?

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    Need it to be bidirectional... is there any known way? Thanks

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