RingCentral & Office@Hand Integrations

Many of the features of RingCentral Office and AT&T Office@Hand experiences have been built right into your Glip experience.

  • Sign into Glip with your RingCentral or Office@Hand credentials (or SSO)
  • Make phone calls
  • Start conference calls
  • Video chat with RingCentral or Office@Hand Meetings

Sign In with RingCentral or Office@Hand

To enjoy the benefits of calls, conferences and meetings from within Glip, you’ll need to sign into Glip with your RingCentral or Office@Hand credentials. This will create an account on Glip for you and link it to your extension. If you already have an account on Glip, just make sure that your email address in RingCentral Office or Office@Hand matches the one you used on Glip before you sign in with your RingCentral or Office@Hand credentials. That will ensure that we link your extension to the correct account.

Company Contacts

Once you’ve signed in you’ll notice that all of your co-workers from RingCentral Office or Office@Hand are listed on the People page. Feel free to start messaging them through Glip, or even post a message to the All Employees team to get everyone in the mood for collaboration!

RingCentral / Office@Hand Meetings

Video chat on Glip normally requires a subscription to Glip Standard, but as a RingCentral Office or Office@Hand customer your meetings benefits extend to Glip. You get unlimited video chat with the same meeting capacity associated with your RingCentral Office / Office@Hand tier.

Start a video chat from any conversation on Glip by clicking the Video Chat button at the top of the conversation stream.

Phone Calls

Call any of your co-workers, or even your guests that are also RingCentral or Office@Hand customers, right from within Glip. Look for the Call button at the top of your one-on-one conversation with the person you want to call. Click, and RingCentral/Office@Hand for Desktop (i.e., softphone) application will launch and automatically call the appropriate number.

You can also click on someone’s profile photo to call them.

Or even call them (or start a video chat) directly from search results.

Note that your extension and direct number are now displayed on your Profile page.

Conference Calls

No need to go hunting for your conference call information. Just click the Conference button at the top of any team or group conversation (or click the button next to a team's name in search results).

A message will get posted to the stream with all of the dial-in information.

Of course, the host access code is displayed only for you.

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