Signing in with RingCentral/Office@Hand created a new account

If you sign into Glip with your RingCentral or Office@Hand credentials and find that you are not in the same Glip account that you had been using previously, this is likely because your email address in RingCentral Office or Office@Hand did not match the one you were using on Glip. As a result, a new Glip account was created for you, rather than having your extension being linked to your existing Glip account.

One option for resolving this is to have one of your company's Glip admins (check the Admin filter on the People page for the list) deactivate the newly created account. Then you can update your email address on RingCentral or Office@Hand, and then try signing in again with your RingCentral Office or Office@Hand credentials. This time you should end up in the correct account.

Alternatively, you can just contact customer support and we can fix this up for you. Be sure to include the email address of your original Glip account, as well as the email address of the Glip account that was created when you signed in with your RingCentral or Office@Hand credentials. In the meantime, you can get back to your original account by signing out of Glip, and then back in using your email address and password.

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    Thomas Wambui

    Which support are we supposed to contact? RingCentral or Glip?

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