Slash Commands

Slash commands are a great way to access a lot of Glip functionality without having to take your hands off the keyboard. Just type “/” in the chat box to see the full list of commands that are applicable to the current conversation. The list will automatically narrow down as you type, or you can navigate the list with the arrow keys or your mouse.


Command Action
/archive Archive the current team
/away Toggle your status between Away and Online
/close  Close the current conversation 
/collapse Quickly collapses all images displayed in the conversation stream
/description [text]  Change a team’s description 
/duplicate [name]  Duplicate the current team 
/email  How to email into the current conversation 
/event [title]  Post an event to the current conversation 
/expand Shows all collapsed images (restores items closed by /collapse)
/favorite  Favorite or unfavorite the current conversation 
/giphy [search term]  Search Giphy for a GIF to share 
/help [topic]  Search the help guide 
/invite or /add [name or email] Add someone to the current conversation
/leave or /part Leave this team 
/link [title] Post a link to the current conversation 
/me [message] Emote
/mentions See list of posts where I’ve been mentioned 
/mute Toggle notifications for this conversation 
/note [title] Post a note to the current conversation 
/open or /go Switch to a conversation or app (e.g., Tasks, Calendar) 
/prefs Open the Preferences page 
/rename [name] Rename this team 
/search [query] Search 
/shelf Show/hide the shelf (i.e., right pane) 
/shortcuts or /keys Show keyboard shortcuts 
/task [title] Post a task to the current conversation 
/unread Mark this conversation unread 
/who List of people in the current conversation 
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