Payments & Plan

If your company is currently on Glip's free plan, the "Payments & Plan" option under the company menu (at the top of the left pane) allows you to upgrade to one of Glip's paid plans. This page is only available to administrators.

Video Chat Usage

At the top of the page you'll see a progress bar depicting how many video-chat minutes your company has used. On the free plan, your company gets 500 total minutes. That's enough for a few people to having a couple of meetings via video chat so that they can evaluate things. From there you'll need to upgrade to continue using the built-in video chat.

Companies on the Basic subscription plan get 1,000 minutes per person per month, and companies on the Pro plan get 3,000 minutes per person per month. Note that the video limit for the two paid plans is shared, and calculated based on the number of employees you have signed up. For example, if you have 10 people signed up for Glip on the Basic plan and are paying monthly, your company would have 10,000 video chat minutes per month. If you were on the yearly plan, the video chat limit would be a yearly limit of 120,000 minutes.

Payments & Plan

Once you're on one of Glip's paid plans this page will also provide a summary of your current billing information and invoice history. You can also update credit card information and change subscription plans.

Note that as your co-workers join Glip your subscription is automatically updated to reflect the increased number of users. Similarly, your subscription is also updated when co-workers are removed. As an example, say your company had 5 employees on the monthly Basic plan. As soon as employee #6 joins, you'll be invoiced and the amount will reflect a credit for the unused amount of time in the current billing month on your 5-person plan, and a pro-rated charge for the rest of the billing month for a new 6-person plan.

Continuing with that same example, if employee #6 is later removed, you'll see an invoice immediately that reflects a credit for the difference between unused amount of time in the current billing month on your 6-person plan, and a pro-rated charge for the rest of the billing month for a new 5-person plan.


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